Orange Roselle 12-Pack



Hemp and HealMelt into tranquility with this creamy and romantic flavor. Subtle citrus swirls with sensuous vanilla while full-spectrum hemp extract from our Hemp & Heal collaborators rounds out the blend with mellow healing properties. Sit back and relax — it’s a smooth ride to the very last drop.

The full spectrum hemp extract in this Jun comes from the health-conscious company, Hemp & Heal who have recently expanded to Asheville. Hemp & Heal is a pioneer in the global Cannabidiol Hemp Oil market, regulated under a state licensed USDA pilot program and is fully compliant by Federal Law. Hemp & Heal’s full spectrum hemp extract contains a complex mix of cannabinoids, vitamins, essential nutrients, proteins, and other natural compounds that work harmoniously to encourage homeostasis in the body.


Jun Culture Filtered Water Organic Green Tea Raw Honey Organic Orange Juice Organic Roselle Organic Ginger Organic Cinnamon Organic Vanilla Organic Vanilla Extract Organic Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp with crystalline cannabidiol - 10mg CBD Love, Peace, & Good Vibes

Nutrition Information

Nutrition information for this product is not yet available.