A New Way To Drink Local

Feb 5, 2021

Recently, the Charlotte, NC Culinary expert, Heidi Billotto shared her love for Jun. Heidi Billottos’s blog, Eat and Drink Local shares stories on the “all-you-want-to-know about farmers and chefs across the Carolinas”. We were thrilled to learn she highlighted our very own Shanti Elixirs Jun on the Charlotte midday TV program, Charlotte Today. In case you missed it you can watch here, WCNC Charlotte – Local Products.

Heidi is thrilled to find that Shanti Elixirs can be found in Charlotte, at the newly opened locations of Earthfare and the Oakwood location of Common Market, located on Monroe Rd. in Charlotte. If you are in the Charlotte area be sure to check out these amazing locations. 

Heidi shares that Jun is “a non-alcoholic beverage that is delicious and good for you too!”.

We are ecstatic for Heidi Billotto to try our beloved Jun! Thank you for sharing your excitement for this tasty, probiotic filled beverage. Sending you peace, love and good vibes!