Our Story


Our story begins with two individuals traveling the world dedicated to living a purposeful life filled with love, peace, joy, and service.

Our paths led us to a yoga ashram just north of Calcutta, India where we found each other and blissfully enjoyed each others company while practicing yoga, kirtan, and meditation.We later married, consciously conceived, and naturally birthed three fabulous boys Janaka, Taraka, and Narayan.

As a couple we seek to be a positive force in our family, community, and our world striving to take life’s challenges as opportunities for growth and always looking for ways to serve. Kalyan’s path led him to co-founding Odyssey, a holistic school, where he teaches and inspires middle schoolers to find and become their authentic selves.

As a nurse and perinatal educator I knew the importance of natural delivery and breastfeeding on gut health and eventually went on to specialize as a lactation consultant. This certainly peaked my interest and desire to help families get off to a great start!

My path led me on a transformation journey where I became a beekeeper, learned the art of sacred bee stewardship, and the craft of Jun brewing. Delighted with finding another form of gut health for my family, I began playing with this magical living culture and our Blissful Bee honey. I soon began sharing my elixirs with family, friends, and coworkers.

Due to the natural progression of things, much love and support from family and friends,  and the demand for our elixirs, my husband and I birthed our next baby, Shanti Elixirs, LLC in March of 2017 just in time for the spring farmers markets in Asheville and surrounding areas.

Our company is dedicated to helping people find internal and external peace, balance, and acceptance while honoring environmental stewardship.

The vision of Shanti Elixirs, LLC is to nurture the intimate connection between the health of our bodies and the well-being of our planet.

The mission is to combine the wisdom of ancient traditions with as many locally sourced foods as possible to enhance the health and well-being of all who enjoy them.