What is Jun?

Jun is a fermented effervescent tea, rich in healthy acids and probiotics. Jun is made with green tea and raw honey. It has become known as the “Champagne of Kombucha” due to its light, smooth, and unique flavor profile.

How do Jun and Kombucha differ?

Jun is a unique cousin to Kombucha and is over 1,000 years old originating in the Himalayas. It is a fermented tea like Kombucha but has the added benefits of green tea (with bioactive compounds and powerful antioxidant properties) and raw honey (with antibacterial, antifungal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties).

How do you make Jun?

Jun is fun and easy to make! Check out our Jun recipe for complete directions as well as ingredient and supply lists.

What's Jun fermentation?

JUN FERMENTATION is the process that transforms green tea and raw honey into a living elixir for health. It does this with the help of microorganisms of bacteria and yeast.

What's a SCOBY?

A SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast also known as a mother, or mushroom. A Jun SCOBY is similar to what is used to make kombucha, yogurt or kefir; it is the source of jun’s living probiotic properties. SCOBYs have been referred to as ‘mushroom or fungi’ due to their make-up and appearance, and this just happens to be one translation of “Jun” in Chinese.

What are probiotics?

PROBIOTICS are friendly bacteria, enzymes, and yeasts that live in your gut. Fermented foods and beverages are naturally rich in these beneficial microorganisms. As with all foods, the whole form is most efficacious, so naturally fermented foods like jun, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and yogurt are best.

What are prebiotics?

PREBIOTICS support healthy gut bacteria just like probiotics; however, the prebiotics are actually food for the probiotics.

What are healthy Jun acids?

HEALTHY JUN ACIDS act like lemon water which means that they are acidic in nature but alkalizing in the gut. Shanti-Jun is similar to apple cider vinegar in that it contains high levels of healthy organic acids that help to detoxify the organs.