Good Vibrations

Aug 24, 2021

Did you know that our thoughts and vibrations affect the molecular structure of water? Our brain and our heart are made up of more than 70% water and our lungs are over 80% water! In fact the average adult human body comprises about 60% water! It’s no wonder a human being can’t survive much beyond 3 days without water. 

The water we drink and the food we eat can have profound effects on our health and well-being and simply vibrating our water and food can deepen those benefits. I remember from a very early age hearing my mother sing kirtan, uplifting and high vibrational music, while preparing our meals. She would tell me that our thoughts and feelings while we prepare food and drink for others can affect their health and that one should never cook while upset. I have fond memories of singing kirtan with my mother in the kitchen as I was growing up. 

I later found out about the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, while in college in the early 90s, and I was blown away by his research that revealed the true nature of water and that the water we drink is so deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. 

Everything in the universe vibrates at a frequency. Dr. Emoto showed that the most beautiful water crystals were formed after water was exposed to love and gratitude. Our thoughts and words can have a profound affect not only on our health, but the health of our community and our planet. “You are what you eat”… this phrase coined by Nutritionist Victor Lindlahr, that I remember my mother saying, turned out to be true! This is why we believe that one drink can change the world here at Shanti Elixirs. If our actions are based in love and gratitude we can make the changes we need for our world to not only survive but to thrive. 

From the day I received our first culture until now our brews have literally been infused with love, peace and good vibes. The music we play for our cultures 24/7 vibrates at a frequency of 528 hz or higher. These frequencies have been found to help with healing our DNA and the 528 tone, known as the “love frequency” or “miracle frequency” is one of the notes from the original Solfeggio musical scale. These frequencies have been said to activate imagination, intuition, intention, and love. And, by the way, if kirtan isn’t your thing…. try playing and singing John Lennon’s “Imagine,” Paul McCartney’s “Let it Be” or the Gregorian Chants, all written and sung in 528 hz! There are also numerous other musicians who have created music with the intention of healing. Just check out the following links: 

“528 resonates with nature, from the trees to the bees, vibrating at the same frequency found in rainbows and the sun.”

Setting a positive vibe while preparing and enjoying your food with gratitude can have a massive impact, even when you are unable to listen to high frequency music. How you feel is likely just as important. 

Another way we infuse our cultures with love, peace, and good vibes is to simply take a moment to connect. We include this as one of the most important steps in our “7 secrets to the sacred art of Jun brewing” We hold our cultures in our hands and send our love, our good intentions and our good vibes out to all of you! You can experience this for yourself either by enjoying our Jun libations or purchasing one of our DIY Jun brewing kits.

“There’s something magical that happens when I drink your Jun. It makes me feel good inside and out!” – Maggie, Asheville, NC

May your days be filled with love, peace, and good vibes!

Bee well, Shanti