Growing and Grateful

Jun 15, 2020

By Shanti Volpe

Before COVID-19 shook our lives, Shanti Elixirs was beginning to wrap up our first-ever crowdfunding campaign. We had raised over $60,000, expanded our reach to new customers with over 150 retail locations, continued to love and celebrate with our dedicated hive of Jun lovers and so much more! However, out of support and respect for our extended community, we ended the campaign early. In order to properly wrap up this chapter, we knew we needed to thank and celebrate all of you and give you an update on what we are continuing to offer. 

For You, We are Grateful!

The list of those we are grateful for is miles long, yet in staying true to our values we wanted to thank all those that have been a vital part of our success!

  1. Our loving customers. Whether you have bought one bottle of Jun or refill your growler every week, we are grateful for you!
  2. Our retail vendors! Not only do you spread our product, but you also spread our love! Thank you for helping more people discover our Jun!
  3. Mountain Bizworks has been an incredible resource since the very beginning. Thank you for all the classes, education, mentors, and financial support.
  4. All those involved in capturing the essence of our company in this incredible video by Three Flames Productions! We are grateful for the producers, Queen Bee and the Honeylovers for our jingle, as well as The Hop, Bhramari, Fifth Season, Hickory Nut Gap, and Rayburn Farms for providing us space for filming and always showing us love! We are also thankful for all those who took the time to be interviewed. 
  5. Our source of honey! Thank you, Greg Rogers and Haw Creek Honey for supplying us with one of our most vital ingredients! 
  6. The incredible folks that make the tailgate markets we attend possible, including but not limited to the North Asheville Tailgate Market and the Asheville City Market
  7. The entire Asheville Community! By word of mouth and samples, fundraising events, and foodie festivals, you all have helped us bloom into what we are today! 

Where We Are Now

As life slowly begins to return to a new normal, Shanti Elixirs is working hard to show up in the way that best serves each of you. As of today, we are: 

Show Your Support

If you are looking to help us spread our message and our products, please consider:

Shanti Elixirs would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the support and love of each and every one of you. Thank you! Bee well, Asheville!