Is Shanti-Jun Alcoholic?

Oct 7, 2020

We are often asked about the alcohol content of our Jun since it is made through fermentation. You may have even seen kombuchas that you have to get carded to purchase. Our Jun, however, is non-alcoholic and we’ve decided to give you all the details!

Alcohol Content

First, our Jun has been lab tested as well as tested by our staff in the Junery. We have tested it at every stage, up to 1 year and third party tested up to 6 months, our recommended best by date for optimal flavor. Jun never truly expires, however it can continue to ferment but at a much slower rate when kept cold.  With our practices and brewing schedule, our Jun contains the same amount of alcohol as a pickle or a ripe piece of fruit. Therefore, it is considered non-alcoholic. 

Let’s back up and talk about how alcohol is made. Alcohol is made by fermenting a natural source of sugar with a catalyst, like yeast. When we make Jun, we use honey and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). As it ferments, the honey turns into carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol, which is the basis for all alcohol drinks. The longer it ferments, the higher the alcohol content. In the United States beverages containing less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) are legally called non-alcoholic.

In our brewing process, we only brew for 1 week in our first fermentation and then to insure very low levels of alcohol we add flavors and chill skipping over the second fermentation process altogether.  This is the way most Kombucha and Jun companies keep their alcohol levels below 0.5%. This means, our alcohol content is always less than 0.5%, therefore labeling Shanti-Jun a non-alcoholic drink!

Right to Choose

Alright, now that you know more behind the science of our fermentation process, it is important to us that each and every Jun drinker feels empowered to make an educated decision on whether or not Jun is right for you. 

We recently wrote a blog about Jun while pregnant and breastfeeding that you can read here. Check it out to learn specifically about this topic. 

For those that are sober either for personal reasons  or due to addiction, the choice is yours! We want you to do what is best for you. For some, the smell or taste of a fermented non-alcoholic beverage can be a trigger and therefore there is concern that this could lead you back to your previous behaviours. For others, non-alcoholic drinks provide you with the fizz, the bite, and the astringency that you may be missing from alcohol and can be a great alternative. For many it is a great way to decrease alcohol consumption. 

There are many sober folks that love Jun specifically for being a non-alcoholic drink and there are also others that choose not to drink Jun because it is fermented and contains trace amounts of alcohol. What matters is you being able to make a comfortable decision for yourself! 

Home Brewing

What if you are brewing at home and don’t have the means to send out a sample of each of your brews to a lab? We’ve got you! There are actually test strips you can use to evaluate the alcohol level of your home brew. You can also use a refractometer to test the levels but we have found that if you don’t second ferment beyond 2 days that you can still get the fizz along with trace alcohol levels below 0.5%. And, if you follow our brewing instructions, you are likely to come out with the same alcohol content we do! 

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Curious what Jun lovers have to say? Here are some testimonials. 

“Having a beverage that is effervescent, delightfully flavorful, and healthy is such a treat. While you can do a million things with sparkling water, sometimes it’s nice to just relax and open a bottle that I can sip and enjoy. As a person in long-term recovery, it’s nice to enjoy a tasteful concoction that doesn’t trigger my addictions or have any mind-altering effects. What a treat!”  ~ Ginny, Asheville, NC

“As a newly pregnant woman, and unknowingly, also on a new path to sobriety, 4 years now, Shanti-Jun was a life-saver for me. Although there are trace amounts of alcohol, for me, there is no parallel between that and a true alcoholic drink. In addition to it tasting great, it is chock full of nutrients that I knew were beneficial for me and my growing baby” ~ Esmee, Asheville, NC

“I believe Jun is a wonderful non-alcoholic alternative when you are looking for something delicious and healthy. If Jun replaced soda in the American diet, we would have a healthier, happier society, for sure!” ~ Matt, Upstate NY

“I had been drinking Jun regularly prior to getting pregnant. During pregnancy my body craved Jun not only for the nutrients but because of how it made me feel. I’m mostly a water drinker but when my body guided me to drink Jun I knew it was for more than just hydration. It gave me a boost of energy and my body trusted it’s nutritive qualities. ~ Jaya, Asheville, NC