Is there a SCOBY Monster Living in Your Garbage Disposal?

Oct 23, 2020

By Janaka Volpe, Market Bee

Do you suffer from an overwhelming abundance of Jun SCOBYs? Do you open your cupboard, refrigerator, or car door to find them overflowing with excess cultures? If so, don’t fret, here are 8 different ways you can put those SCOBYs to use!

1. Make more Jun! If you love Jun as much as we do and you have the SCOBYs and space to spare, why not create a Jun SCOBY hotel. Now this is no 5 star hotel but it is a safe place for your extra SCOBYs to stay until you are ready to put them to use! 

2. Use it in a smoothie! Just like our Jun, the SCOBYs are packed full with nutritional and probiotic benefits, so why not add a little bit to your morning smoothie and kick that healthy breakfast beverage up a notch?! Here’s a link to our special Mango Lime Jun Smoothie recipe!

3. Use them as a natural fertilizer! The nutritional value of a SCOBY doesn’t just apply to us! Use your SCOBYs to feed your garden by blending and mixing them in with the soil to make for some happy and healthy plants!  

4. Love your animals? How about treating them to a healthy snack?! Chickens and goats will chow down on raw SCOBY, making for a flavorful, simple and extremely healthy snack! Humans and animals alike can all benefit from a stronger digestive system!  

5. Spread the fermented love! Not only can you share your Jun with your friends and family, but you can share the artform of brewing itself! Everytime you brew your SCOBY creates another culture. You can give the gift that keeps on giving by sharing your SCOBYs with your loved ones.  Our hive is growing and we are always excited to welcome new brewers into our family! In fact we have an online facebook brewing community. You can join the group right here! Now, the goal of this group is to build community! Therefore, we encourage you to start conversations on areas of brewing that matter to you! So, head over the group today and share your #junmoment! recipes, suggestions and all things Jun! 

6. Sushi! For non-meat eaters, finding a mock sushi can be difficult (take it from a lifelong vegetarian). However, Jun is on your side! Simply cut a thin slice of SCOBY and add it into your sushi roll to get a more traditional dish similar in texture to octopus and some fish, voilà! 

7. SCOoBY Snacks! Scooby Doo has his preferred treat, now you can introduce your dog(s) to theirs! Simply cut some thin slices off of your culture and pop ‘em into a dehydrator. If you want, you could brush them with your pups favorite flavoring. The end result will be some probiotic jerky-like treats for your pup! A healthy gut makes for a healthy dog! 

8. Use them as a natural moisturizer/cleanser! If you’re brave enough, SCOBYs have been known to work wonders when it comes to skin care. Be it a 15 minute face mask before bed or a blended up moisturizer variant, your culture could leave your skin glowing! 

If you come up with any creative uses for extra  SCOBYs, let us know in the comments down below! You can also reach out on Instagram and Facebook, make sure to tag us and use #junmoment.