The Champagne of Kombucha

Jun/zjûn is a sparkling probiotic non-alcoholic elixir that not only tastes great but is good for you + the bees 

Our Story & Mission


Shanti Volpe discovered inspiration for the world she wanted to build in the unlikeliest of places: beehives and bacteria!

She found that these small pollinators and cultures had big lessons to impart. In the fall of 2016 Shanti attended a sacred beekeeping workshop through the College of Melissae. It was here that she experienced a spiritual symbiosis with the hives, marveling at their industrious harmony and vital role in food production.

During this workshop, Shanti also experienced the joy of drinking Jun for the first time. A longtime fan of probiotics, she was immediately intrigued by the lineage, flavor, and health benefits of this fermented drink. She began studying the art of this ancient brewing tradition from Rebecca Robertson, a sacred beekeeper, and Jun brewer, and a passion for Jun was born!

Soon after the workshop, Shanti began to share her enthusiasm for Jun with her friends and family, brewing her own version with honey from her own Blissful Bee Apiary. Demand for her elixirs quickly began to grow sip by delicious sip. Word of mouth spread the tale of the tasty, good for you fermented tea, and Shanti Elixirs ™ was born.

In creating her beverage company, Shanti looked to the bees for guidance. A hive achieves its magic by working together. Shanti’s passion, sense of purpose, and desire to collaborate attracted an extraordinary, compassionate, and dedicated group of individuals who now form the Shanti Elixirs’ hive. Working together, the Shanti Elixirs’ team is dedicated to spreading well-being, peace and good vibes through every sip of Jun – created and bottled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

To nurture the intimate connection between the health of our bodies and the well-being of our planet


We bee-lieve one drink can change the world. Our mission is to nurture the intimate connection between the health of our bodies and the well-being of our planet. To do so, our core commitments include: 

Honoring the wisdom of ancient traditions

Sourcing locally and responsibly whenever possible

Enhancing the health of our customers, employees, and community


We truly believe our Shanti-JunⓇ is a vehicle for change. We know this because it has changed us and it has changed our community. In an age of increasing isolation we choose to build community with integrity and authenticity.   

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