Chai 12-Pack


Appalachai LogoStart your own ritual of togetherness with this rich, celebratory blend of exotic spices from our collaborators at AppalaChai. As daylight wanes and seasons shift, delight in sharing this special drink around the fire. Universally pleasing, globally inspired, and ready to join the lineup in your own holiday traditions

Shanti was introduced to chai while traveling in India as a teen and fell in love with the flavorful spice combinations. She has many fond memories of sipping on Chai while riding the Indian trains during her many return visits, the last of which she met her husband, Kalyan. Making a chai flavored Jun was inevitable and following her mission of supporting local AppalaChai! Was a natural fit. 

AppalaChai! Is committed to serving chai drinkers the best possible recipe in an organic, sustainable, and socially responsible fashion. Asheville’s local chai since 2014

Season: fall

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