Chocolate Chaga 12-Pack


French Broad Chocolate LoungeThis decadent collaboration with French Broad Chocolate Company is the perfect healthy dessert. Earthy Chaga adds depth to the familiar sweetness of cocoa, while our probiotics add the perfect twist to your treat.

Dan and Jael Rattigan founded French Broad Chocolate over 15 years ago. What began as a tiny farmers market stand has evolved into a downtown dessert lounge, a boutique, a beautiful Chocolate Factory, and a coming-soon creamery. As a bean-to-bar and farm-to-factory chocolate maker, French Broad Chocolate imports cacao directly from small farms and refines it into bonbons, chocolate bars, brownies, and confections; combining the fine flavor cacao beans with fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Chocolate Chaga is a celebration of humble beginnings, small businesses, and farmers. 

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