Shanti on The Great Reset Podcast

Jul 16, 2020

On June 11th, The Great Reset podcast released their 43rd episode featuring our very own Shanti Volpe! If you don’t yet know, Shanti wears many hats. She is not only the CEO of Shanti Elixirs but also a Registered Nurse. During this podcast episode, she shares insights from both perspectives. 

The Podcast

The Great Reset podcast is with hosts Tommy Calloway and Shawndra Russel. In each episode, they invite guests to discuss the ramifications of the coronavirus and how we must establish a better “new normal” for Americans and humanity at large. 

Tommy Calloway is a long-time writer, musician, performer, director, sketch comedian, producer, DJ, and radio host.

Shawndra Russell is a business, travel and craft beer writer, digital marketing consultant and educator, and co-owner of Creative Hub Studios, a 4,000 sq. ft. exhibit & event space located in the heart of downtown Asheville and owns Mad Genius Studios, a small retreat center located 15 minutes outside the city.

We invite you to learn more about their podcast here

Episode 43

In this episode, Shanti shares both her perspective as a Registered Nurse and lactation specialist at Mission Hospital and as a business owner of a local business that primarily delivered to restaurants, cafes, yoga studios, bars and breweries before COVID-19.

Hosts and Shanti discuss the impacts coronavirus has had both on her business and overall functionality of the hospital environment. She shares new protocols, experiences, and what it is like for healthcare workers during this pandemic. As a lactation consultant, she is experiencing unique moments with new parents starting out with an infant during a health crisis. 

As you can imagine, Shanti Elixirs also had to shift to adapt to the pandemic. With a move to being available in more Asheville area grocery stores, including Earth Fare, our overarching goal has been to get our immune-boosting pre and probiotic beverage to our eager customers in safe and dependable ways. Jun fans can now purchase DIY kits and begin brewing at home, find various flavors at retailers, farmers markets or place local delivery orders online.

Next time you find yourself out for a walk or in the car, we invite you to put this podcast on and give it a listen to learn a little more about Shanti Elixirs and our CEO. After you listen, check out their various other episodes as well featuring folks like Mayor of Asheville Esther Manheimer, Co-Founder of Burial Beer Jess Reiser, and Ginger’s Revenge Co-Founders David Ackley and Cristina Hall Ackley alongside many others.