Kathleen from Asheville

I love Jun…the lightness and the wonderful flavors. I have noticed that my body digests better when I am drinking Jun and that I have avoided the respiratory illnesses that has surrounded me at home and at work.
Kathleen, Asheville, NC

Kate from Black Mountain

Every once in awhile I come across a product that makes me say “YES! This is IT!” Your Ginger Jun warms and settles my belly. The gentle bubbles put a smile on my face. Absolutely delicious… and good for my body, as well. Sometimes you CAN have it all.

Antanas from Asheville

My senses were enchanted when sampling all of your Jun flavors. I imagined them aligning with the energy centers. The pairings of flavors and ingredients had such a deep, beautiful resonance on my pallet, inviting my body to remember what nourishment feels like. I honor the alchemy you’re conjuring and sharing with Asheville.
Antanas, Asheville, NC

Sophia from Weaverville

Shanti’s Elixirs are good for what ails you! This product is top notch and consistently delicious! And to think it all started from Shanti’s love for honeybees and desire to raise them! Her heart is always focused on the good of the hive and for the good of the consumer. This product is a win win for everyone! Try the Blueberry Basil Bliss and the Holiday Sparkle Jun…My favorites! Thanks Shanti for creating and offering this life giving drink.
Sophia, Weaverville, NC

Ellen from Asheville

I love Shanti-Jun! I make my own Jun, but for some reason, it never tastes as good to me as the amazing blends of flavors that Shanti puts together and serves cold on tap on hot summer market days. I couldn’t name my favorite flavor, I love them all! Thanks for bringing such lovely and healthy refreshment to Asheville!
Ellen, Asheville, NC

Sarah from Asheville

I used to love Kombucha, but quickly and easily traded it in for Shanti Elixirs’ Jun after trying just a sample. Super smooth and very flavorful. Plus all the benefits of Kombucha and more. I recently bought a Kombucha on the road (I was out of my Jun), and I couldn’t even drink it – too harsh and way too sugary! If you are looking for a healthy, flavorful, smooth, one of a kind drink, YOU MUST TRY SHANTI’S JUN!
Sarah, Asheville, NC

Benjamin from Asheville

I love Shanti Elixirs. I have been making my own Jun for about a year now. I was able to attend a workshop on Jun making at the 2018 fermentation festival taught by the fabulous Shanti herself. It was a magical experience to learn and appreciate the art of Jun brewing. I will continue to make Jun and share my baby’s and experience with others. I have got my partner and neighbors drinking my new flavors… like hibiscus rose ginger and orange passion fruit.
Benjamin, Asheville, NC

Nathan from Albany

This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever tasted. I still have a Pineapple Turmeric in the fridge which is the most amazing pineapple item I have ever had. I am blown away. Even if there were no health benefits I’d still want to have one (or two, or three) of these each and every day. There’s a level of depth & deliciousness I’ve not experienced before (and I’m a regular kombucha drinker). The only problem is that I won’t be able to continue this beverage love affair in Albany. Apparently I have to move to North Carolina now. There are certainly worse fates.
Thank you for giving me the gift of Jun & Shanti Elixirs,
Nathan, Albany, NY

Ashley from Asheville

I have been drinking Shanti Elixirs’ Jun for a little while now and I am obsessed. I’ve always been a huge fan of Kombucha but was always alarmed by the sugars that they add to it. Jun is great because it uses honey, which has so many healing properties. The taste is so delicious and super smooth. They call it the “champagne of Kombucha” and I totally agree with this. Not only is the product amazing but also the people making it are amazing. I usually get mine at the West Asheville market and they are always so kind and helpful. They allow you to taste all their flavors before buying which is much better than blindly buying from the grocery store. Jun is made locally which is another plus because I love to support local businesses. I am currently sipping on their holiday batch and already need a refill!
Ashley, Asheville, NC

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