The Benefits of Brewing at Home

Dec 19, 2020

by Isabella Serene

While buying Jun from your local breweries (like us!) is easy and fun, there’s a special joy that comes from brewing your own (and with our kits, it’s easy too!).

Why Brew Your Own?

Creative freedom

You can create your own flavors. Experiment and have fun with it. Our hive has a lot of fun creating, tasting, and tweaking flavors, and we have a lot of flavors (and recipes we’re happy to share), but there are a million possibilities. What can you create? We’d love to see all the great things you come up with. Let us know on Instagram and Facebook!

The joy of creation

Whatever your passion, from art to mathematics, we can all agree that it’s not just the final product (though that’s usually pretty great, and your Jun will be too) but the creative process that brings us joy. Jun is a constant, living process. You get to take care of and bond with your SCOBY, as you nurture her into the drink you will get to enjoy. Our Queen Bee Shanti started this company based on her love for this process. She says, “I love observing creation in action. With Jun, the magic is in watching how the culture interacts with the tea to create new life. Prior to placing the mother into the tea, I cherish the moments of connection. This is a time where I think of my intentions for the creation.” This is a process that you can love and cherish too.

The magic of money saving

It’s cheaper to buy one scoby and keep brewing your own than to buy bottle after bottle of Jun made by others. You can buy one SCOBY and make a near infinite amount of drinks. So why not take this leap, save some money, and become the proud parent of your very own Jun culture? Plus, once you’ve made all the Jun you want to make from your SCOBY, there are plenty of other creative uses for it. You can find great suggestions in this article!

Sharing and Caring

With the holidays coming up, a Jun Brewing Kit is a perfect gift, and it works for the whole family, no matter your connection. Love to cook? Have fun experimenting with flavors. Interested in chemistry and science? There’s a whole lot to learn as you study the fermentation process. Passionate about the spiritual impact of what you put in your body? Brewing Jun is a process full of care and intentions as Shanti explains. “I was raised with the belief that food is medicine and that nutrition plays a vital role in a flourishing system. I was also raised to believe that thinking good thoughts and singing uplifting songs while preparing food has a positive affect on your body and mind… There is a lot of opportunity while brewing to infuse the brew with love, peace, and good vibes.” 

It’s also the gift that keeps on giving (so don’t forget to check out our holiday sale!). You can make batch after batch of delicious Jun for yourself. You can share it and your awesome new flavors with friends and family. You can even teach others this useful and fulfilling skill too! 

Community Building

If brewing on your own feels daunting, don’t worry! You don’t have to go into it alone. There is a whole community of brewers that you can become a part of so you can bounce ideas, ask questions, and share your successes. We even have a facebook group just for you!

Healthy and Safe

In the world today, with a global pandemic and so much social, moral, and ethical upheaval, everyone’s physical and mental health are of utmost importance. Jun is packed full of beneficial probiotics, prebiotics, other healthy nutrients, herbs and spices (if you flavor it!), and of course love, peace and good vibes, so however you get it, it is sure to make your body and mind feel good. If you brew at home, you don’t have to leave your house to get it. You can keep enjoying the wonderful and delicious benefits of Jun while safely quarantined in your home. (If you’re still not convinced to brew your own but you want Jun from the safety of your home, we also  ship nationally and deliver locally)!

If you choose to take this call to adventure, then you are about to embark on a journey that just might be life changing! Let us know!