Blissful Bee Apiary

Shanti's Blissful Bee Apiary and her love for sacred bee-keeping guided her to discovering Jun. 

Bee Awareness & Sustainability

Our honey bee population is declining and part of our mission at Shanti Elixirs, LLC is to save the honey bees by expanding our Blissful Bee Apiary, growing pollinator friendly gardens, opening up a non-profit educational honeybee sanctuary, and supporting other bee organizations. If the honey bees disappear so will many of our favorite foods such as chocolate, apples, blueberries, almonds and avocados. Honey bee pollination contribute to over 150 crops in the United States which is over $20 billion worth of crops every year. The following are some local groups we can support who are working for bee and pollinator health and awareness and education:

Phyllis Stiles Bee City USA

The Good of the Hive

Debra Roberts

Rebecca Ann Robertson @ashevillebeecentricalliance

Lady Spirit Moon Cerelli BEe Healing Guild

Wild Mountain Bees

Mira SpiritVoice