The Universe Has My Back

Jan 27, 2022

Running a small business in Asheville while raising a family, being a loving partner and working as a lactation specialist has its challenges. Yet, each challenge that has presented itself to me in these early days of 2022 has also led me to a message. “The Universe Has My Back!”

Both myself and each member of the Shanti Elixirs’ hive is here not just for a job, but because we believe that the actions we take as a company have the power to change the world. We know our Jun has the power to change the world. So with each obstacle, each hurdle, each challenge we face, we always remember our why, the feeling of our deepest desires + then we remember that the universe is on our side.

To us, this is a practice of trust that means we are committed to releasing our need to control how things happen and instead listen to whatever power greater than us is here to share. This can be uncomfortable at times, which is why we decided that it was time for us to share a little insight into this experience and how we walk through it.

Whether you are looking to well known spiritual teachers like Deepa Chopra + Echkart Tolle or recent authors on the topic like Gabby Berstein and Jen Sincero, they encourage you to do the same thing, surrender + trust.

If you have already accepted that there is some power greater than you, supporting you – that wants to see you succeed, then you have already arrived! Believing this is where you must kick off from. This is your ground zero. First, you must believe.

Next, it is time to think deeply about what you want. We are talking about getting specific. How do you feel? What do you do? Where are you? Who are you with? Some exercises we find helpful for this part are meditation + journaling. And not just once, but every day, even if just for a moment. It is pivotal to sit in the feeling you are working to manifest, the feeling you deeply desire.

Once you really know what your desires feel like, through prayer, meditation, journaling, contemplation, have a dialogue with your something greater expressing gratitude for showing you the right path and gratitude to yourself for listening, seeing and taking action.

Not every day will feel like a 5-star day. Take it from me, I know! I live it. Yet, each moment is a new opportunity to choose to do more of what brings me joy, to believe that I am on the right path and to pray that everyone is happy, healthy + free from pain and suffering.

In each of our newsletters, we share a quote + a gratitude practice because we know, sometimes all we need to see the path again is an invitation to celebrate all that we have to be grateful for.

Today, I am grateful for each person who has sipped our Jun and decided to share a bottle with someone else, allowing Shanti Elixirs to enter and heal so many bodies, minds + souls. For you, I am forever grateful.

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