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The Universe Has My Back

Running a small business in Asheville while raising a family, being a loving partner and working...

A New Way To Drink Local

Recently, the Charlotte, NC Culinary expert, Heidi Billotto shared her love for Jun. Heidi Billottos’s blog, Eat and Drink Local shares stories on the “all-you-want-to-know about farmers and chefs across the Carolinas”

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Is there a SCOBY Monster Living in Your Garbage Disposal?

Is there a SCOBY Monster Living in Your Garbage Disposal?

Do you suffer from an overwhelming abundance of Jun SCOBYs? Do you open your cupboard, refrigerator, or car door to find them overflowing with excess cultures? If so, don’t fret, here are 8 different ways you can put those SCOBYs to use!

Shanti on The Great Reset Podcast

Shanti on The Great Reset Podcast

On June 11th, The Great Reset podcast released their 43rd episode featuring our very own Shanti Volpe! Shanti wears many hats and is both the CEO of Shanti Elixirs and a Registered Nurse.

Growing and Grateful

Growing and Grateful

The list of those we are grateful for is miles long, yet in staying true to our values we wanted to thank all those that have been a vital part of our success!

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