Wholesale Policies


If you are not a Shanti Elixirs Wholesale Customer, please start here


If you are and have questions about any of the following policies, please contact your account manager. 

No Risk Policy (for new accounts not yet established)

We highly believe in our product at Shanti Elixirs and we understand the hesitations that may arise with bringing on something new. Therefore, we have a NO RISK POLICY in place for all new accounts. This means if you do choose to take us on, and have exhausted all of our promotional and sales suggestions listed below, any product that doesn’t sell in 6 months (or best buy date) will be reimbursed. We are confident your customers will love our Jun and that you will sell out way before then! And if not, you are covered. 


Please know we are here to support you! Below is a list of recommended things to do to increase awareness, education and sales around our products at your business:  

  • Utilize our marketing materials! We have display bottles, flavor cards, posters, shelf talkers, stickers and more to help educate, promote and let folks know you carry our drinks. 
  • Educate your social media followers! We’ve found that folks have more success with sales if they share information regarding our drinks on their social media platforms. We’re happy to provide you with pictures and information if you like! Although we do suggest taking photos with our Jun on site that highlight aspects of your business as well. We are always thrilled to reshare and repost anything you create if you tag us! There is also a new feature on instagram that allows for post collaborations. If we post and invite you to become a collaborator and you feel that the post resonates with your feed, you can accept it and vice versa. 
  • Offer a tasting demo! We find the best way to introduce customers to our product is to let them taste it for themselves. We are happy to support you with this as well by planning to come and set up a small booth and offer tastings on site, or, provide you with the tools to do so on your own. 
  • Offer a special discount! Even 0.50 cents off per bottle may help boost sales and encourage folks to try it while it’s on sale. Even better to run a special discount during a demo! 
  • If you have exhausted all of these suggestions and are still not satisfied with your sales goals, reach out to your account manager for further support. 
  • If at that point you are still not satisfied with sales, we will reimburse you for your first order as long as the best buy date has not passed. It is your responsibility to keep track of best buy dates and reach out to your account manager about a total reimbursement or product exchange. See notes on our Exchange Policy below. 

Exchange Policy (for established accounts)

    • Our EXCHANGE POLICY states any product that doesn’t sell in 6 months (or by the best buy date) will be exchanged with your choice of newer product. For example, if you notice you have 12 bottles of Jun that are about to expire, let your account manager know which flavors you’d like to replace them with and we will exchange the old bottles for the new bottles upon our next delivery. We ask that you let us know at least 1 month before the expiration date AND keep all product preserved until we can pick up and exchange the bottles at no additional cost to you. Any product already expired or not preserved in a cooler will not be exchanged. 

Service Fee Policy (for all accounts)

    • In order to maintain our prices while continuing to self-distribute, we are adding a delivery fee beginning May 1, 2022. We encourage you to adjust your retail price accordingly. 


Accounts within 35 miles of our Weaverville location will not incur a fee

36-74 miles – $5

75+ miles – $10


We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we navigate how to best serve our communities. Please reach out to your account manager with any questions or concerns.

Order Deadline and Rushed Delivery Fee Policy (for all accounts): 

    • As of May 1, 2022 we are implementing an order deadline for all accounts. Orders will need to be placed by Friday at 4pm the week prior to delivery. With the demand for Shanti Elixirs continuing to grow, this allows us the time we need to prepare our flavors and bottles to get you what you need efficiently. If there is an urgent need and you have missed the deadline, we can fill your order for a Rushed Delivery Fee of $25. Thank you for your continued support. 

Growler Exchange Policy 

    • Shanti Elixirs offers 16 and 68 ounce growlers to wholesale accounts. The account will be charged for the bottle with their order. When an account returns empty growlers (upon next delivery), the account will be given a credit ($5/16 oz bottle and $15/68 oz bottle) to be applied to their next order. Your account manager will keep up with how many bottles have been delivered and returned. See growler pricing below. 


Wholesale: Standard CBD           

16 oz refill bottle                                      $5 (.31/oz)                        $6.50 (.41/oz)

16 oz with bottle                                       $10                                  $11.50

68 oz refill bottle                                      $21 (.31/oz)                       $27 (.40/oz)

68 oz with bottle                                       $36                                 $42

Due to an overwhelming amount of orders online we are suspending online sales until further notice.

Please visit one of our many locations to purchase Jun.